Top Five 26 inch LCD TV review

We have recommended here top five 26 inch LCD TV which you will find quite comfortable seeing their quality, finding it at best value and with required specifications. However the choice may differ for someone but the list here is based on the demand of the average buyers.

LG 26LH20 26 inch LCD TV

LG 26LH20 26 inch LCD TV

LG 26LH20

Get the full HD experience by hooking up all your HD devices as HDMI V.1.3. Deep Color input provides you with rich color and HD picture you seek for. It provides on screen reference points for best picture quality and AV Mode II helps in watching sports and cinema and playing games as fine as possible. You will feel like you had brought Theater to the couch when you watch you movies in this 26 LCD TV. It has ISFccc Ready for professional calibration option settings.

Save $146.22 in LG 26LD350 26-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV

Sony KDL-26L5000 26 inch LCD TV

Sony KDL-26L5000 26 inch LCD TV

Sony KDL26L5000

A 26 LCD TV with sensor that you adjust the brightness of you LCD screen according to the light of the surrounding with the contrast ratio of 13000:1 provides you the clear, crisp and sharp picture with BRAVIA Engine Full Digital Video Processor. It has 3 HDMI input and one Pc input due to which you use it as your TV with HD connectivity or as your computer monitor. The HDMI input in this 26 inch LCD TV transmits multi-channel digital audio and uncompressed digital video on a single cord which let you to develop your home theater system without having a lot of jumbled wires.

Save $118 in Samsung LN26C450 26-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black)

Samsung LN26C450 26 inch LCD TV

Samsung LN26C450 26 inch LCD TV

Samsung LN26C450

Samsung has been always known for its classical design, superb look and great finishing. Samsung LN26C450 is just another example of its best work. This 26 inch LCD TV enhances your viewing experience by providing a lifelike and crystal clear image as it has Wide Color Enhancer that brings the entire range of hue and luminance for saturated, rich images and powerful detail. It has also 3 HDMI inputs, two at the back and one at the side which is the medium to connect to your own home theater with single cord.

Save 10% in Samsung Series 4 26-inch LN26C450 720p LCD HDTV

Toshiba 26LV610 26 inch LCD TV

Toshiba 26LV610 26 inch LCD TV

Toshiba 26LV610

The plus point in this 26 inch LCD TV is the built in DVD player however the downside is no system to tilt the screen downward when you are watching TV sitting or lying down in the bed. The picture quality in this is also superior like any other Toshiba’s LCD TVs. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 with 720p resolution is a good deal with the good price for this LCD TV. Only $399 for Toshiba 26LV610U 26-Inch 720p LCD TV with Built in DVD Player, Black

Toshiba 26AV502R 26″ LCD TV

Toshiba 26AV502R 26 inch LCD TV

Toshiba 26AV502R

This 26″ LCD TV of Toshiba also can be both used as TV or display of your personal computer with sufficient resolution of 720p 366 x 768) which provides a realistic picture quality and 10 bit video processor just offers more colors to you. Indeed it’s a good LCD TV for a great home theater and for gaming also it is better as it lessen the amount of time it takes for the signal to pass through the game controller to the TV. Read Top 5 models of 37 inch LCD TV

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