Sharp LC20V2UA 20 inch LCD TV Review

A stylish look and a good clarity in the picture with vibrant and rich color is what you will find in the sharp LC20V2A 20 inch LCD TV. Though there is a problem of reddish appearance of the flesh colors, you can correct it by toggling the keys in the color adjustment menu. Setting it around at 10-12 will give you a more natural picture view in the flesh tones. Other picture settings need no change as it is preeminent for you by default.

Another thing that you will find a little unnerving in this 20 inch LCD TV is a motion trailer effect which is common in almost all LCD TVs. That’s why it’s not somewhat better while watching sports and action movies. The signal response which is 15 milliseconds in this 20 inch LCD TV is responsible for this. You won’t suffer from motion trailer effect in the plasma TVs because it has the signal response of 7 milliseconds.

Sharp LC20V2UA 20 inch LCD TV

Sharp LC20V2UA 20

The features like long life, portability, crystal clear image quality and low power consumption in this 20 inch LCD TV ensures that you can enjoy this stylishly designed unit for a longer period. The major payback of the LCD screen includes the crystal clarity of images and their awfully compact form aspect. The compact design of Sharp LC20V2UA enables you to place it in any room of your house-either in the living room or even in the kitchen.

Like most LCD TVs, this 20 inch LCD TV also provides the good quality picture up to 60 degrees of angle which is one of the good advantage for us. So it’s the leading manufacturer and a dominant player in manufacturing of LCDs as even the other companies OEM the board for their LCD display from it. However Samsung is also one of the leading one in quality development of the LCD TVs. The most important things to take care of in this 20 inch LCD TV is the contrast which appears solid in 20” unit, signal response time which is poor as compared to plasma TVs and the viewing angle which doesn’t make loss of picture quality up to 60 degrees only.

Whatever the downside and the drawback of this 20 inch LCD TV, it’s the appropriate one for an average buyer at an affordable price. It’s a very good buy at this price in today’s market. The key thing about this product is the compact form which enables you to place it anywhere in your home. You can actually enjoy it even at your kitchen or small spaced room. It suits best anywhere.

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