Philips Magnavox 15MF605T 15 inch LCD HDTV Television

One of the good televisions for this Christmas is Philips Magnavox 15MF605T 15 inch LCD TV which we can get at the price of $279.99 in Sam’s club. We can get it 20 bucks cheaper in Sam’s club than other stores.

This 15 inch LCD TV doesn’t need mounting brackets because it has mounting holes in the bottom by which you can save $25. You can hang on the wall of your bedroom or kitchen. You must buy some spare cables like S-video, RCA, coaxial because you will not get in this television.

This television is the perfect size to put in your bedroom or kitchen. You can either set it on the counter or a shelf, or you can hang it on a wall. It includes an adjustable base that has mounting holes in the bottom, so there is no need to buy an extra mounting bracket. That alone will save you at least $25 or more if you want to hang it up. It does not come with any spare cabling, so you might have to buy some coaxial, RCA, S-Video, component cables to hook this up.

This LCD is flat screen HDTV which supports 480pixel, 720 pixel and 1080i resolution. You can use this 15 inch LCD TV as a monitor for your computer as well. This LCD have 1024X768 pixel with 400:1 contrast ratio, it also have inbuilt TV tuner. We can connect S-video, coaxial cable RCA and component video inputs. It doesn’t have any connector at the front of the TV. The appearance of this LCD is smooth and sleek because of silver plastic frame.

We will get best picture quality from different angles and it has 12 ms response. This 15 inch LCD TV has 2 speakers which give good sound quality with surround sound. It looks better in this Television when there is worst quality connection from coaxial cable. You should use the component cables for the best picture quality. Though your video games and DVDs will look unbelievable, you have to take caution about burn in when one type of graphic stays there for a long time.

The Philips Magnavox 15MF605T is the best 15 inch LCD TV which you can get at the price of below $300. If you are thinking of buying this LCD TV you can go to Sam’s club.

Get Magnavox 15MF605T 15-Inch LCD Flat Panel TV Today.

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