LCD TV Sales is Rising

With the more popularizing and advanced features and getting full home entertainment like in the theater, LCD TV has gone beyond the imagination of anyone. Its demand is increasing day by day as the new model with great innovations is arriving in the market. Also with the organization of big events like World Cup and other sports, LCD TV sales have risen to a grand success.

LG is just expecting their LCD TV sales to rise by 47 percent in 2010 and South Korea based LG has been quite determined to make the sales of their LCD TV to 25 million which is 8 million more than what they sell in 2009. Like LG, Samsung has also predicted to sell higher amount of LCD TVs as compared to previous year figures.

Kang, a CEO of LG home entertainment told to a news conference that despite the slow sale rate of LCD TV in the first half, LCD TV sales will continue to move on in the second half. Similarly Lee Hak-moo, an analyst from Mirae Asset Securites said that they are having strong sales in China due to the upcoming events like the world cup, winter Olympics and the super bowl.

For the probable boom in 2011, most of the manufacturers are investing significantly for the LCD factories to fulfill the demand of the large number of consumers in China. The new technologies like LED-backlit sets will certainly boost the LCD TV sales.

However there can be a little pressure to the manufacturers since they will have fewer profit margins as retail prices of LCD TV will decrease to 5 percent due to high competition and huge amount of LCD TV sales. Read Layman’s Approach to get a best Polaroid LCD TV

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