LG 42LH5000- a perfect 42 inch LCD TV

LG 42LH5000 is well designed, mid-sized LCD that comes with the season’s top quality feature – a 200Hz motion control system which makes it likely to watch a high definition movie or picture without getting any headache. It’s a 42 inch LCD TV having 80000:1 contrast ratio and 500cdm brightness. The price is also surprisingly cheaper by at least $500 than its Sony rival and the style is simply good to fit comfortably in any living room.

It has the shiniest and the glossiest finish, the eye catching trim at the right places and the beautiful curves to add distinction without distraction. Moreover it is flexible and you can tilt it left and right or up and down. You will also find a sensor on the front in this 42 inch LCD TV which will automatically adjust the brightness of the display to match the ambient light. But you may turn off this feature if you wish to adjust the brightness of the display as per your wish.

LG 42LH5000- a perfect 42 inch LCD TV

LG 42LH5000

This 42 inch LCD TV consumes 210W only while running and it has many other different features like easily dimmable display, physical on-off switch and the power to turn the display off while you are listening to the radio only. The built in freeview tuner is good for family serials and documentaries but a little boring for sports, action movies, news or something with fast paced action. You can change it by plugging into an HD source. The picture will look clear, bright and vibrant in HD.

However this 42 inch LCD TV is poor at the gaming mode in rendering Wii’s signal on the bigger resolution display. You will get the lagging effect on the likes of Cod and Fifa, which is rather frustrating. The picture quality is not too good when you are watching sports like football and rug-by because players will look blurring at a distance. There is a little bit of picture cheapness when you turn it on. Though the vertical lines which appear on all input sources disappear after some seconds, it’s still a little upsetting.

Say thanks to the four HDMI inputs in this 42 inch LCD TV with a USB 2.0 slot where you can plug any portable hard drive and enjoy listening to any music or watching any videos or pictures with no worries about codec for a maximum number of file types. It has an awesome sound quality with punchy stereo speakers which give enough volume while watching.

A great combination of beautiful graphics, flawless design, infallible menu organization and the clear text has indeed made this 42 inch LCD TV the perfect choice for anyone who desires for the best picture quality at a bigger screen with awesome sound and some significant facilities. Read Top 5 models of 37 inch LCD TV

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