Funai T27004 27 inch LCD TV review

In this competitive market of higher brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and Toshiba, it’s a rare thing to hear about any other brands of Chinese and Japanese Company. So possibly not many people have heard about Funai T27004, a Japanese 27 inch LCD TV. The Japanese company has also determined to compete in the market with Price as well as quality. However it has only given the good impression by making their product available at cheaper price as compared to others but still it hasn’t improve the quality to compete with others.

Though not quite stylish finish, this 27 inch LCD TV gives a good impression to look at with the price of just £700. The resolution of 1280 X 720, DVI input with HDCP compatibility and somehow the good picture quality worth much at the price of £700 only. The other features it provides are the component video connection, a PC input and two RGB Scarts for better quality analogue pictures.

The common feature of built-in digital tuner on most of the flat screen TV is however not available in this 27 inch LCD TV. It makes it more featureless with the lack of sleep timer and child lock but one extra and unique thing you will find in it is a picture-inpicture facility that enables you to see any other inputs even when you are watching TV broadcasts. It also provides easy access to on-screen menu system and is quite responsive too however a motion blur with loss in detail is another bad aspect of it.

The Japanese company has finally improved the Funai’s performance with high resolution sources through component video or DVI input and now the picture looks clear and in detail and was better resolved. The little motion blur was now acceptable since it was also improved to a bit.

This 27 inch LCD TV has two 5W speakers that makes the sound bumpy and distorted even at the low volume and the surround sound is also not good either. We can only say about this Japanese Company is that it has a long way to go on because it has still a lot of thing to improve. Nowadays people are quality conscious so offering a product at cheaper price by compromising in quality won’t make it in the market.

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