Panasonic TC-19Lx50 19-inch LCD TV Review

The TC-19LX50 is 19 inch LCD TV made by Panasonic Company, which has Stereo speakers with wide screen, and it has black border to give best frame to the picture.

At the top of the LCD monitor there is control buttons, where as jack of headphone is the side which is accessible but of sight. The silver LCD monitor comes with the table stand which swivels for optimum seeing.

Panasonic TC-19Lx50 19-inch LCD TV review

Panasonic TC-19Lx50

The resolution of 19 LDC TV is 1280X768, so that all types of content are converted to liberal scan for a best quality picture. For viewing high-definition separated HD receiver is required. Dot crawls and eliminates edge an artifact is filtered by 3-D Y/C digital combo filter. 19 LCD TV has 4 picture formats for adapting non widescreen content to 16:9 screen. For the quick change to video setting 3 picture presets are available.

19 LCD TV contain inner stereophonic system has eight watts sound output and each individual for adjustment of balance, bass and treble, with balance to fine-tune the settings. Surround sound can only be assumed by using internal speaker only, 3-D effect will occupy the whole room with the sound. Some other feature contains a parental V-chip control which limits access to unsuitably ranked TV programs, and adjustable sleep timer and access to a second audio program.

The rarer panel of 19LCD TV contains a good selection for inputs and outputs, which include a set of parts video inputs, 2 audio outputs, 1 audio input and two S-video inputs. The remote controller is of universal model which is thick, with a disc control so that it can move smoothly on the menus of screen.

The Panasonic TC-19LX50 has the good feature and high performance which would expect from larger television. Read Some important tips for buying LCD TVs at best Price.

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